About Anna

I have practiced Yoga for over 30 years and through this have developed a deeper understanding of and brought myself through many difficulties.  It is a wonderful practice to have and I am very grateful for all that it has given and taught me.

I have been qualified as a yoga teacher for over 20 years from the Mandala Yoga Ashram with British Wheel of Yoga certification, and  I retrained at the Ashram a few years ago.

I am a regular and committed supporter of the Ashram and have participated on many of the courses run by Swami Nischalananda, most recently the year long courses on ‘Kriya Yoga’ and the ‘Chakras’

I am also grateful  for and influenced by the mindfulness teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn

In  my daily life I teach music to pupils with very special needs (SLD and PMLD) as well as running training for their teachers, in Music, Sensory Education and PE

‘Anna is a rare gem: a yoga teacher who not only practices what she teaches but authentically lives it day to day.  Her lessons are delivered with an abundance of compassion and common sense, without ego or artifice.  Her warm, easy manner belies a profound wisdom and dedication which she weaves through her unique blend of eastern philosophy and western orthodoxy.  In Anna’s classes, students are guided i an unfolding process where they learn more  how ‘to be’ than strive how ‘to do’.  Her impartiality, her gentleness and her sense of fun all ensure that serious practice never becomes precious or competitive.  There is something in her very presence which promotes harmony.                 Anna integrates the various strands of yoga practice fluently and serenely so that yoga has constant and relevant meaning in daily life.  It is a privilege to be taught by her’                    (Anne-Marie Schuller. June 2011)

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